Chapter 2: Inspired Action Against Inequality & Injustice

First and foremost, Inspired is an impact platform backed by a group of rebellious optimists. From the start, our mission and vision has been clear. We want to:

  • Be a catalyst, not a company
  • Empower the next generation with the tools and resources they need to make the world a better place – without asking them to donate their money
  • Create an open, free social impact platform that millions of people can leverage to support important causes – every day of their lives
  • Ignite a more transparent, sustainable approach to helping those in need – moving away from one-time donations and fundraisers, towards collective, daily action 

There’s great power in numbers. By empowering millions of people to harness their collective voice and action, we can address the major, systemic issues of today – poverty, educational inequality, food insecurity, racism, LGBTQIA rights, police reform, corruption, environmental degradation – you name it. Creating impact through grassroots philanthropy is INSPIRED!

As we looked deeper into the hearts and minds of the next generation, we realized the desire to create meaningful change was obvious, but money and time often got in the way of action. And yet, purchasing is one of the greatest collective actions that happens every day. By simply harnessing the relentless power of spending, we could open the door to significant social change.

Our team set out on what we felt was the beginning of a social movement for consumers. We started with arts education and partnered with DonorsChoose to inspire thousands of kids around LA. Together, with the help of supporting brands we provided over $136,000 worth of critical project funding. We chose:

  • Educational inequality because we’re deeply passionate about every kid deserving the best chance in this world, and saw how communities of color were disproportionately affected by the public schooling crisis in America
  • Music and arts projects because we believe in the power of creativity, and aim to empower kids by supporting it
  • DonorsChoose because of their ability to show us where every dollar was going, with full transparency

Our value proposition has always been the same: Every time you spend, regardless of where you bank or what debit/credit card you use, you can support causes, and the people behind them, at no cost to you. And starting today, this power to create change will enter its next chapter, and be harnessed by our collective of optimists to advance the Black Lives Matter movement and fight injustice and inequality.

Chapter 2: Fighting Racism, Oppression, Injustice, and Inequality

Since June, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least — culminating in a glimmer of hope as millions of people from around the globe have come together to speak as one against institutionalized racism, discrimination, injustice, and inequality. The world is listening and learning right now – as never before. This will be a long fight, but we’re ready for it!

We’re committed to supporting:

  • Causes whose missions align with ending systemic racism, oppression, and police violence against black people
  • Efforts to educate and inform so the long-overdue change of how society views and treats black people, the LGBTQIA community, and other oppressed minorities can finally happen
  • COVID-19 relief to address the impact of the pandemic on socio-economically disadvantaged communities 
  • The LGBTQIA community on their mission to secure equal rights, treatment, and the same opportunities that should be granted to all Americans – and humans
  • Programs and aid initiatives for kids in underserved communities nationwide that need resources – either in school or at home

This is just the beginning of this new chapter for Inspired, but we’re leaning in with everything we’ve got. We recognize that it’s going to be a long battle and that we’re one of many organizations that need to step up to create meaningful change. But if we join forces, we can bring people together in a way never seen before.

If you have a related cause or organization that holds a special place in your heart, let us know by replying to this email, or chat with our team anytime in your Inspired app.

Here we go. Day 1.


Chief Optimist, Inspired

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