Your Five Biggest, Most Irritating Concert Problems: Solved

summer concert essentials friends hanging out at a music festival drinking beer

We’ve heard you: summer concerts come with their own unique set of problems.  And while we’ve spent some time rounding up the shows you absolutely need to see and the bucket list items you need to check off, we haven’t yet addressed the stickier logistics. Namely, expensive booze, sore feet, unbearable heat… you know the deal. While summer is truly the season of parties, road trips, and outdoor adventures, we sometimes overlook preparedness in the excitement of traveling somewhere new and going to an amazing show.  But summer concert prep doesn’t have to be a chore. That’s why we’ve put together our five best – and most creative – essential summer concert hacks, so all you have to worry about is what kind of food you’re bringing to the tailgate.

1. Refresh the smart way

smart hidden drink container hairbrush

Any venue selling High Lifes for $13 should be investigated for high crimes. It’s that simple.  And while astronomical drink pricing may help curb some of the more egregious drunk concert behavior (don’t be 2010 Coachella guy), it’s also a mood-killer when you’ve already paid a pretty penny just to get in. Enter the world of drink-hiding accessories. This Buzzfeed article is the quintessential guide to making your sunscreen bottle, bra, or – yes – even your sanitary products your ideal hidden flask.  The risk is yours, depending on the level of the venue’s security, but you have to admit: some of these are pretty ingenious.

2. Maximize comfort & your look

summer concert look: asos sneakers complete the outfit

Now that everyone and their mother has a pair of Fila Disruptors, your concert-casual attire just got 200x comfier. With an array of knock-offs and variations on the theme now available virtually everywhere, you can rescue your feet and your wallet. This pair from Asos looks like an on-trend pillow for your sore feet. And for our less vertically inclined friends, the chunky sneaker is a win on the viewing front as well.  Now if we can just get that 6’7” guy in front to move just a little to the left…

3. Hack your wait

friends waiting in line play trivia games on their phones

Long lines are inevitable – to get in, to get drinks, to get to the bathroom. They’re not exactly a party, but you paid a lot for those concert tickets and you’re going to get the best standing-room spots possible. But long lines, as we like to imagine them, are under-utilized tools: got Heads Up on your phone?  Recruit the group behind you to play – especially if you’re doing the Songs or Accents categories. Always hilarious.  Even more so with new friends and booze. Love bar trivia? Download the Jeopardy app. Make teams, make friends. Competition brings people together like little else, as do drinking games. We don’t make the rules.

4. Keep cool

portable misting fan for humid outdoor concert weather

So, you want to get your summer glow on.  There is, however, an extremely thin line between “glow” and “absolutely dripping in sweat.” In lieu of air conditioning (I’m talking to you, late-August outdoor concertgoers), consider your childhood vacation favorite: the handheld misting fan. Small, portable, and way more impactful than you think when it’s 85% humidity out. And why stop at water misting?  Now that facial mists are in fashion, just pop some Mario Badescu cucumber into your spray fan, and it’s basically a spa on-the-go.  We can’t believe we’re just now thinking of this.

5. Stay fresh (please)

refreshing pacifica underarm wipes to keep the whole crowd smelling fresh

Sometimes concerts can be a beautiful utopia of new friendships and general crowd camaraderie. More often, they’re a cocktail of personal smells and a lot of unintentional touching.  And when personal space is the hottest commodity of the night, you’ll do well to make sure you’re not contributing to any offending smells. Be the change you wish to see in the world: pack some gum and deodorant. They even have portable deodorant wipes now.  Imagine offering a refreshing, scented wipe to your neighbors in the pit at the hottest outdoor concert of the year.  You could start a movement – no, a revolution.

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