10 Fantastic Buys That Will Make Summer Feel a Little Bit Closer

Okay, so we’ve got spring fever.  And because long days at the beach are literally all we can think about right now, we did you a favor (that wasn’t fun for us at all) and compiled some of the coolest summer gear you can shop for to make those warm days feel a little closer.  What better way to harness that sunny summer energy than getting prepped and ready to go for when it arrives? If you can’t have barbecues, hikes with friends, and an open sunroof quite yet, a little summer shopping will help pass the time. That’s just the scientific, totally objective truth.  

Activewear & Accessories

joriki yoga clothes


A universal truth about being active and outdoors is that if you’re wearing something you feel awesome in, you’ll get more out of your activity.  But what if your favorite workout gear also gave back? Joriki activewear is a summer staple that’ll have you feeling twice as good about yourself this summer, whether you’re on the yoga mat or picnicking in the park. Each of Joriki’s pieces are “tied to an associated charity,” which means, for example, that the super cute printed yoga top you just put in your basket is giving back to Indonesian artisans. They’ve also got your back for summer weddings, with a selection of stunning wrap dresses.

Joyn Bags

Like Joriki, Joyn Bags are created by local artisans in global communities using Fair Trade practices.  The result is stunning, high-quality bags – including some bright and summery totes (starting at $35!!) that might just be your new favorite beach bags.  


Long-time sufferers of cheap, unpolarized sunglasses: you can save your eyes and your wallets this summer.  With over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, these $15 polarized Wayfarers will give you color and clarity while being super stylish, neutral, and unisex.  Bonus points for being slightly larger than most other Wayfarer frames, according to the reviews, which means they won’t look comically small on those of us with slightly larger features.

MD Charm Fanny Pack:

These are in now.  Don’t argue – just ask your cool teen cousin.  Or Rihanna. Keep with the ultra-modern holographic trend for extra summery vibes.

Beach & Poolside:

Pool Float:

If you’re a big poolside Instagrammer but the whole “swan float” thing is a little too basic for you, consider this: a nine-foot-tall, six-person unicorn with a built-in drink cooler.  No promises it will fit in your pool, but it does look pretty cool on a lake. Big impression guaranteed. (Of course for the slightly more subtle of us, there is still always the swan option.)

Sun care

It’s 2019 and sunscreen is necessary, period.  UV rays are bad vibes, and you’re that Insta-famous dancer high-kicking them out of sight.  Despite Millennials being more or less the skincare generation, a good SPF that doesn’t leave a greasy white cast is still decently hard to find.  That’s why Supergoop created Unseen Sunscreen, which goes on smooth an invisible.  While technically marketed as a “makeup primer,” this sunblock works all over your body, and will leave you protected, matte, and definitely not gray.  

Vacation Tech:

Hover camera:

Prefer your vacation pics a little more cinematic?  This self-flying hover camera is way more affordable than your standard professional videography drone, but it packs a punch.  It’s most impressive feature is auto-follow, which recognizes you as a subject and follows behind you like your own personal paparazzo (who only posts the most flattering videos).  Best for outdoor destinations, this little guy can capture panoramas and distance shots your phone camera can only dream of.

Underwater Case:

For those on a much tighter budget, this underwater phone protector lets you take photos underneath the waves with no hassle.  Reviews say your touchscreen will still work perfectly, giving you total control for a whole new kind of beach selfie.

Waterproof speaker:

You didn’t think we’d forget music did you?  A staple, no matter where you’re headed, is a good quality waterproof speaker. This one has excellent reviews for sound quality, and it also comes with a tiny blow-up float so you can bring it straight into the pool with you.  Or strap it to your kayak. Your call.

Super splurge:

We had to include one splurge item, but this is one that’s very likely worth the extra cash.  This clear kayak allows to see right through into the water you’re floating on. Reviews suggest it does best in calmer water, so rivers and lakes are go-tos for this kayak.  While it can fit two people, one seat is removable for an easy transition into a single-person kayak. It’s definitely for thrill-seekers, as seeing into deep water isn’t exactly for everyone.  For those on board, though, this is the coolest purchase you’ll make all summer.

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