Study Finds Millennials Give More Generously To Charity

According to a study by the Charity Commission in the UK, millennials are more generous than other age groups when giving to charities during the holidays. In fact, 44% of millennials said they’d give up their smartphones for a full month to raise $675+ for a charity of their choice. This is compared to the rest of the population with less than 30% saying they’d be willing to do the same.  With that, younger millennials are also much more likely to research their chosen charities before making donations. Over 50% of respondents between the ages of 18-24 said they check out a charity before giving money, compared with only 29% of those over 75 years old.

Researching non-profits and charities before donating is becoming increasingly important in today’s day and age. In recent years, it’s been discovered that handfuls of charities end up giving only small portions of proceeds to the actual causes. Because of this, many millennials are skeptical when donating to charities. Luckily, there are hundreds of online resources allowing people to do their own research and vet the charities they want to support. At Inspired, we take this very seriously and make sure we only work with charities and nonprofits who are in incredible standing and give the most possible to the causes they are affiliated with. We also make sure that 100% of the donations you spark are given directly to the charities! Life’s hard enough, so we’re doing our best to make sure that giving back to those who need it is as easy as possible.



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