3 Incredible Organizations That Are Creating Change Through Everyday Actions

Donating, fundraising, volunteering – all things that truly make the world a better place, but also things that make more and more millennials today groan and roll their eyes. But why is that? Shouldn’t we all be excited to change the world, build brighter futures, and create a culture of support and opportunity? Well…yes, we should… but sadly, there have been too many selfish non-profits, terrible fundraising events, and chaotic, ineffective volunteering setups in our lifetimes. Somehow, during the worldwide journey to do good, the mission was lost…and so was the inspiration. It’s not often that we find ourselves excited to pay it forward anymore, and even on those rare occasions we are inspired to do some good, it’s certainly not everyday.

Luckily though, where there’s darkness, there’s always a bit of light. Whether it’s shining brightly in sight or glowing dimly in the distance, there’s always something out there to make things a little bit better. And when it comes to creating real, impactful, inspiring change, there are a handful of organizations out there that are making it not only empowering to change the world, but also easy and fun:

Global Citizen

Global Citizen is both a website and a mobile app that’s designed to help anyone trying to change the world and alleviate poverty, find a way to do so. The platform has tons of information about the situations and circumstances that trap people in extreme poverty, so you know…you can always stay woke. Global Citizen also gives you tons of simple but effective ways that you can use to actually start creating change so you aren’t stuck trying to knock on doors or text your family members for money or signatures. With pre-made tweets, emails, and petitions organized by issue, all you have to do is figure out which cause you want to support on any given day and click a button! On top of it all, Global Citizen puts on badass festivals every single year with top artists in order to bring together change makers from across the world. Past festivals have included headliners like Coldplay, Stevie Wonder, The Lumineers, Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher, Pearl Jam, and many others!

WE Charity

WE Charity is another amazing organization focusing on helping young people make a difference in less developed nations. Similarly to Global Citizen, WE Charity focuses on empowering young people through knowledge and offers an in-depth educational program to help people understand and empathize while giving them the tools to create meaningful change. Alongside that educational program, WE Charity puts on an annual series of events called WE Day for the students. Tens of thousands of young people come together to be inspired by speakers like Al Gore and Elie Weisel, and performers like Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Nelly Furtado and other notable figures. But, hold on… there’s more! Beyond education and events, they’ve also created an online store full of trendy products from apparel and jewelry to water bottles and notebooks. Every purchase you make gives a life-changing gift to a child or family – could be health care, could be school supplies, could even be a new job for additional income! You get to see exactly what your impact was and who you helped while buying some awesome gifts for yourself and your friends… not too shabby for a day’s work!

Live Nation

You’ve probably definitely heard of the entertainment company Live Nation before. If you’ve gone to a concert or event in the last 7 years, it’s likely you purchased (or at least price compared) your tickets through Live Nation or its subsidiary, Ticketmaster. When it comes to live entertainment, this organization is pretty much king. So how are they creating real change for those who need it most? The answer is simple: ticket sales. Most recently, Live Nation worked with Chance the Rapper to help fund the $1 million dollars he donated to Chicago Public Schools. By giving a portion of his ticket sales to Chance’s cause, Live Nation enabled all of his fans to help Chance do good for the kids in Chicago who are dealing with major school funding cuts. Instead of traditional fundraising, Live Nation realized it made more sense to help Chance and his supporters do good by using events everyone was already excited about – concerts. Live Nation has also worked with Bruno Mars and other top artists to help donate millions of dollars towards the causes that need it most.



Turn your everyday actions into everyday good:


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