10 Reasons We Love Teachers

At Inspired, we love teachers and everything they do for their students and communities. Here are 10 reasons why:

Teachers Are Like Family

Great teachers become life-long mentors. They get to know the parents and the community and play a role in raising children to be successful adults. Even years later, students pay visits and keep in touch on social media with their favorite teachers who inspired them the most.

Teachers Fight For What is Right

Teachers are incredibly strong and stand up to fight for the things their students deserve, whether it’s pushing for more materials for their classrooms, talking to parents about what children need to succeed, or demanding that government support educational justice.

Teachers Are Cool Nerds

We all know nerds rule the world! Teachers are scholars who dig deep, research topics in detail, and have the gift of making boring subject matter come to life in wonderful ways.  Without this dedication (bordering on obsession), school would be very dull!

Teachers are Amazing Multi-Taskers

Teachers juggle a staggering amount of tasks all day long, at the same time. When teachers teach, they’re bringing life to stories, remembering facts, giving presentations, and answering questions. They’re doing all of this while juggling the constant stream of distractions from the intercom, the phone, other teachers, and dozens of students. Despite it all, somehow the show always goes on!

Teachers Make Kids Feel Special

Teachers care deeply about kids and are always busting out stickers, ribbons, certificates, and trophies to make their students feel extra special. Teachers have even been know to bedazzle entire classrooms with objects of wonder, creating amazingly creative spaces where kids can let their imaginations run wild.

Teachers Are A+ Performers

Like the best actors and comedians, teachers know that keeping a class’s attention is all about timing, injecting humor, using gestures and props – and above all, knowing their audience.  Teachers are never afraid of being silly and having a few laughs, and that’s why we love them.

Teachers Are Super Prepared

The day can bring anything and the class’s attention can shift instantly, so teachers have to be prepared with ways to refocus. Sometimes that means opening up their stash of delicious snacks, breaking out the game collection, or doing an impromptu lesson outside. No matter what happens, they’ve got it covered.

Teachers Are Creative Superstars

Who else but teachers are constantly dreaming up new ways to make “boring” topics seem interesting? Like poets, teachers are always coming up with new words and language, and like painters, teachers aren’t afraid of experimenting with new visual ways to express an idea.

Teachers Are Bosses

And everyone respects the boss. Teachers create order from chaos by teaching kids how to organize, run on schedule, meet deadlines, and of course, follow the rules. Teachers set an example of how to be successful and help foster all the skills students need to survive and thrive, as workers and as parents.                                                    

Teachers Are Obsessed With Success

Morning, day, and night, teachers are always thinking of better ways to teach. Even when they’re not actually in the classroom, they are constantly hunting for inspiration for lessons and new resources to enrich their classrooms.


Teachers make the world go ‘round, and we’re dedicated to making their lives a bit easier. Inspired is committed to helping teachers raise funds for their classrooms, for free. Here are some of the great teachers & students we’ve already helped – we’d love to help you, too!

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