Hacks for Creating Your Own Happy Place

The ethos around here is that feeling good and doing good can be one and the same.  You can live your craziest, happiest, best life and do some good along the way – no compromise or herculean effort.  That got …

Five Young People That Will Inspire You To Put Your Ideas Into Motion

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In each of our lives we’ve all had at least one really great, novel idea that had potential to create change.  They’re big ideas, usually requiring advanced resources or expertise.  Even though they could be potentially groundbreaking, one hang-up always …

Startup’s Goal: Make Charitable Giving Part Of Everyday Life

Adam Devine Inspired

A whopping 123.5 billion credit and debit card transactions are made in the U.S. annually, according to the Federal Reserve. Stephen Ready figured that one cent from each and every one of those purchases could raise quite a lot of money.

Five Insanely Cool Regional Music Festivals All About the Experience

There’s a fundamental difference between listening to music and seeing music performed live. A live experience is physically immersive: the feeling of the music mixes with the energy of  the venue to create a truly one-time, irreplicable experience. As rabid …