Chapter 2: Inspired Action Against Inequality & Injustice

First and foremost, Inspired is an impact platform backed by a group of rebellious optimists. From the start, our mission and vision has been clear. We want to:

  • Be a catalyst, not a company
  • Empower the next generation with the tools and resources they need to make the world a better place – without asking them to donate their money
  • Create an open, free social impact platform that millions of people can leverage to support important causes – every day of their lives
  • Ignite a more transparent, sustainable approach to helping those in need – moving away from one-time donations and fundraisers, towards collective, daily action 
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A Day in the Inspired Life: Joy from L.A.

Do you ever stop to think about how much you swipe your card?  What if every single swipe brought 100% more good into the world, for free?  You buy your morning coffee, we make a donation to a classroom in need of supplies. You grab drinks with a friend, we give our own money (never yours) to help people experiencing homelessness stay warm this winter. That’s the optimized Inspired lifestyle: help others for free, every time you spend. And to show you just how often that is, we’re having Inspired members share their “day in the life” of living, giving, and feeling amazing: no compromises. 

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The 7 Best Road Trip Songs to Get You Hyped for Summer

Look, some parts of summer are just sacred – even more sacred than Fourth of July barbeques, beach sunsets, homemade sangria, and pool parties. We’re talking the perfect mix of sunny Americana, Hollywood-ending, young-wild-and-free mythos that is arguably the crown jewel in every summer calendar: the road trip.

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